DNA storage

DNA storage from the moment of birth gives you a chance to compare diagnostics and observe the changes in the course of your child’s life.

DNA storage consists of the isolation and storage of DNA from umbilical cord blood collected from the child. The DNA concentration, purity and total amount in biological material will be marked on the stored sample. A frozen sample of DNA may be used for diagnostic purposes, as desired by the parents/holders or the DNA donor at the written request of the owner of the DNA or his or her legal representatives. The condition for isolation and banking of DNA material is the qualification of umbilical cord blood for storage according to the Agreement and the General Conditions of Providing Services, as well as the standards defined by the Scientific Medical Council. DNA banking takes place during the validity period of the Agreement and is dissolved when the Agreement finishes. After the Agreement is terminated and the DNA is not used/disposed, PBKM will destroy the DNA preparations. On written request PBKM will present a protocol of DNA destruction.