Our laboratory

The laboratory receives blood delivered from all over Poland 7 days a week. All processes are carried out according to the most restrictive procedures of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and are subject to the supervision of the Scientific-Medical Council.

The laboratory also performs blood tests for public resources and scientific projects jointly with research institutions (e.g., Polish Academy of Sciences and medical universities).

See our laboratory and the blood preparation process:

Our laboratory also offers public banking services at the request of the Ministry of Health. This is offered as part of the Program for the Development of Transplantation Medicine POLGRAFT, as well as in research projects performed in collaboration with research institutions (e.g. Polish Academy of Sciences).

We offer the most extensive range of the child’s umbilical cord blood and mother’s blood testing which include among others:

  • CD34+ cell count evaluation ensuring the quality of biological material
  • umbilical cord blood type determination (so called AB0 and Rh system)
  • assessment of cell viability using flow cytometry protocol
  • assays for detection of Hepatitis B virus antigen (HBsAg)
  • assays for detection of Hepatitis B virus antibodies anti-HBc
  • assays for detection of Hepatitis C virus anti-HCV antibodies
  • assays for detection of anti-HIV antibodies 1, 2
  • assays for detection of Treponema pallidum antibodies (syphilis)
  • assays for detection of Cytomegalovirus antibodies anti-CMV IgM)
  • culture test for aerobic, anaerobic and fungi bacteria
  • WBC evaluation prior to and following blood processing
  • Genetic test (PCR) for the presence of HBV, HCV, HIV

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