Polish stem cells

The Polish Stem Cell Bank (PBKM) is the largest stem cell bank in Europe. We store biological material from customers in dozens of European countries. We also have the most experience in the transfer of material for transplantation.

What makes us diffrent?

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We bank 4 types of tissues:

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Deciding to collect umbilical cord blood Parents choose a partner for many years. Therefore, when making a choice, you must be sure that you choose a bank that will perform this service best. The material must be safe for years, and the whole process made so that, if necessary, the best transplant clinics in Poland and in the world have adopted the material for transplantation.

Mission and vision

  • The primary focus of our activities is the collection and storage of cord blood stem cells. These cells can then be used in case of emergency for the treatment of your child, or if genetically compatible, another family member. Our knowledge, as well as our innovative technology for stem cell storage and practical experience as evidenced by tens of thousands of frozen stem cell units, allows us to assure families in case of serious disease.

We also have the most experience in the transfer of material for transplantation.

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