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Prof., MD, PhD Krzysztof Kałwak

Collecting umbilical cord blood deserves consideration. Parents should take the opportunity to inform themselves about the collection and storage process, as well as the ways in which this blood can be used. Today, cord blood is used for treating metabolic disorders, immune deficiency, impaired haematopoiesis and cancer of the haematopoietic system. Progress in medical sciences may soon find methods for its application in regenerative medicine, e ....g. cardiology and neurology to cure, among other disorders, the hypoxemic or ischemic defects of the central nervous system.

Monika Leder


Marcin Drygalski


Joanna Marcew

MD Dentist

Jacek Pudełek


Jako lekarze jesteśmy świadomi, jak wiele chorób można wyleczyć dzięki wykorzystaniu komórek macierzystych w nowoczesnej medycynie. Zdecydowaliśmy się na bank krwi pępowinowej, aby zrobić wszystko, co w naszej mocy dla bezpieczeństwa zdrowia i życia naszego dziecka.

MD Karolina Grzyb

Andrzej Szewczuk


Magdalena Łętowska

Prof., MD, PhD

Remigiusz Sikora


Manuela Las - Jankowska


Prof., MD, PhD Henryk Wiktor

We are striving for innovations in medicine which can be of good service to mankind. This is why I chose to safely store my granddaughter’s cord blood.

Roman Małachowski

M. Eng. Microbiology Technologist

Magdalena Małek


Aleksandra Mazepus


Paweł Sadowski


I am a doctor and I understand what stem cells are and how they can be used. The decision to store my child’s cord blood was natural to me and I, an informed mother and a trained medical doctor, cannot imagine doing otherwise. Medical progress, including the area of studying stem cells, is advancing quickly. This offers vast opportunities today, although we have not discovered all their advantages yet.

MD, PhD Magdalena Grotowska- Duch

Andrzej Ostaszewski


Katarzyna Wilgus - Kubica