Help with transplantation and infusion*

The package facilitate the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells and/or umbilical cord for treatment - both in standard indications (hematological and oncological diseases), as well as in medical therapeutic experiments, e.g. in cerebral palsy. Includes services that will facilitate going through medical procedures before transplantation/administration.

The package includes, among others:

  • consultation of a hematologist or transplantologist,
  • HLA transplantation antigens assay,
  • CD34 + cells and nucleated erythrocytes assays,
  • cell viability testing and leukocyte count (WBC),
  • examination of the number of hematopoietic progenitor cells,
  • transport of material to any place in the world for transplanting,
  • a discount for preparation of advanced therapy medicinal product from the umbilical cord,
  • coverage of up to 2 days of hospitalization ( if required).

Recommended for customers choosing the Blue or Gold Variant.

* Infusion is a procedure in which the patient receives cells that do not engraft (e.g. in cerebral palsy) 

What are the advantages?

  • Parents may rest assured that PBKM will deal with organizational matters and cover the part of the costs related to transplantation

Price: PLN 550 (paid together with the basic fee)