Medicover is a private comprehensive medical care system. We provide our services through a network of more than 250 facilities in Poland, Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic and Hungary. We ensure the h...ealth of more than 100 thousand people. We invite you to use our services.


LUX MED has been taking care of our Patients’ health for more than 20 years. Today, it is the leader and expert in the private medical service market. It provides care to both individual and corporate... Patients, as well as to their families. Outpatient services are provided by two leading and mutually complementary brands – LUX MED and Medycyna Rodzinna. Patients are taken care of by over 4100 physicians and have access to more than 140 own and company facilities with the cutting-edge equipment, as well as a network of approximately 1500 collaborating facilities.

Klinika Salus

The SALUS clinic is the most advanced non-public medical facility in the former Słupsk voivodship and it has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate. Established in December 1998..., it currently provides primary and specialist care to nearly 30 thousand regular patients.

The clinic consists of:
1. A hospital with a multidisciplinary department which performs plastic surgery, general surgery, gynecologic, orthopedic and otolaryngologic procedures
2. A Specialist Diagnostic Center – a network of a dozen outpatient clinics, departments and two laboratories
3. Two Primary Care Outpatient Clinics

Falck Sp. z.o o

Falck Sp. z o.o. is a Danish company established in 1906. At the beginning, it only provided services in Denmark, but now it is the biggest private emergency and medical company in the world. Today, F...alck owns more than 3000 specialist vehicles. The company has branches in 10 European countries, including Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and Germany, and employs more than 15 thousand people.
Falck has been operating in Poland since 1991. Currently, it operates in several cities across the country.

Przychodnie i szpital Salve

Salve, a medical facility offering world-class services, was brought to life and health in 1993 by two obstetrician-gynecologists: Dr. Waldemar Lech and Dr. Sławomir Sobkiewicz, who leveraged their pr...ofessional experience from more than 20 years of work at the University Teaching Hospital in Łódź.

Łomżyńskie Centrum Medyczne

Łomżyńskie Centrum Medyczne - traditional yet modern ginecological practice.

Best Med Lecznica Specjalistyczna

Best Med Specialist Practice of doctor Dariusz Góźdź in Warszawa.

Dr n. med Karolina Chmaj-Wierzchowska

Private ginecological practice if MD Karolina Chmaj Wierzchowska.

Babka Medica

Babka Medica Non-Public Health Care Institution is a private medical center for women and families operating in Warsaw since 2005.

Babka Medica offers comprehensive care provided by more than 130 s...pecialists from various fields and high-quality diagnostic equipment. The clinic provides medical services in the areas of gynecology and obstetrics, endocrinology, pediatrics, neonatology, infant rehabilitation and other specializations for both adults and children.

Babka Medica’s patients are offered a variety of ultrasound examinations: gynecological and pregnancy ultrasound, as well as general, orthopedic and pediatric ultrasound. The clinic offers specialized laboratory diagnostics including hematology, bacteriology, allergology, immunology, biochemistry, virology, as well histopathological testing.

For pregnant women, Babka Medica offers comprehensive care provided by gynecologists and obstetricians, as well as specialist ultrasound examinations and noninvasive prenatal testing. Individual birthing classes and workshops for future parents help them prepare for childbirth and taking care of the infant.

A significant part of Babka Medica’s mission is health education and promotion, including prophylaxis. This is complemented by a professional medical and technical background, but most importantly – the people. Babka Medica is a friendly, safe place filled with extraordinary energy and sensitivity to the Patient’s needs. As a result, the clinic has been appreciated by its Patients for many years.

Centrum MAMA

Centrum Mama is a multi-specialized, modern center offering medical care for women and children. Our staff consists of highly qualified and experienced medical staff enjoying the trust and sympathy of... patients.


Ka - Medica offers you a wide diagnosis from among many medical specialties and effective help. We work with high-class specialists in many medical fields, who work in the hospitals of Warsaw and the...surrounding area on a daily basis.


A center created for women out of concern for their health. We are here to help, advise, diagnose and cure. We are here to calm down, explain and prevent. We arose to let women of all ages find a plac...e where they feel safe and find their gynecologist or other specialists who will serve their patients with consultations.

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