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When making a decision on umbilical cord blood collection, it is imperative to choose a bank which will guarantee the optimal level of service quality. This is decision for many many years, therefore you need to be sure that choose a bank that will perform the best service.

The safety of the bank m.in provide features such as the scale of operations, technological facilities, qualified staff, certification of quality certificates, experience in the storage and preparation of material for transplantation or trust doctors and customers. The reasons why the Polish Stem Cell Bank is the number 1 are many, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the most important of them.

  • Unique experience with the use of stem cells More

    Not only does Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych (Polish Stem Cell Bank) is the most experienced in storing biological material, but also in releasin more units to date for the use in medical treatments  than any other family bank in Poland.

    We have delivered stem cells to transplant centres and hospitals multiple times within Poland and abroad in order to save lives and improve health. By May 2016, we had released stem cells from umbilical tissue to over 200 patients for medical therapeutic experiments. This unique experience provides the highest quality of procedures used for the preparation and storage of collected biological material. It also builds our experience in co-operation with transplant centres. Our success is confirmed by documents provided by clinics and medical centres that prove the use of stem cells, as well as the trust gained from the medical community.

    To learn more about PBKM experience in releasing stem cells for transplantations, click here.

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    Stem cells from umbilical cord blood were successfully used for the first time in 1988 in France. A few years later, this source of stem cells was applied in Poland. In 2007, umbilical cord blood stored at PBKM was first used in a transplantation. By 2015, stem cells from cord blood were administered over 40 000 times worldwide to save lives and improve health.

    Transplantation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood is a natural procedure during bone marrow transplantation. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood have more advantages than stem cells found in bone marrow, which is why they are used more frequently to save lives. Similarly to bone marrow, cord blood can be used for autologous use (for a child from whom umbilical cord blood was collected) or allogeneic (for another person – e.g. a sibling). Currently, cord blood transplantations are being performed more frequently among siblings than autologously. Stem cells derived from the bone marrow, account for around 60% of all transplantations performed.

    The first effective and well-documented family cord blood transplant was performed in 1988 in Paris at Prof. E Gluckman’s clinic at the initiative of American doctors Hall Broxmeyer and Joanna Kurtzberg. The recipient of the transplant was a boy, residing in the United States, suffering from congenital Fanconi anaemia. He had stem cells transplanted from the cord blood of his newborn sister.

    Medicine is advancing day by day and the number of diseases whereby stem cells can be used as a standard medical treatment is constantly growing.

    Stem cells are used for transplants. This type of cell has the unique ability to repair damaged cells (e.g. defected bone marrow in the case of leukaemia) and thus save lives. This method of treatment has already become a routine modality worldwide. In Poland, it is estimated that per year, 800-1000 people (both children and adults) undergo stem cell therapy.

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    Storing cord blood is a long-term agreement with our bank. PBKM ensures a reliable and stable partnership. We are the only banking facility primarily focusing on cord blood and cord tissue storage and have been successful in doing so on a European scale. Our bank is registered as a joint stock company and is listed with substantial capital on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, thus ensuring safety and security in the storage of your invaluable blood deposits. PBKM has civil liability and wealth insurance as well as holding a special policy with Allianz which provides insurance that covers damages in cases of errors committed during blood processing or storage procedures. The payment of presumptive damages is determined by the appropriate provisions of the agreement concluded with the donor.

    We are proud to be trusted as the No.1 bank by parents choosing cord blood banking in Poland, as well as being the preferred choice for celebrities.