Basic pricing

We have compiled a list of prices (below) to help parents compare and choose the services best suited to their needs and budgets. Customers may first opt for either our Red, Navy, Blue or Gold package, then add any of our additional services available for that package and finally choose their storage payment plan.

We encourage new customers to familiarise themselves with our offer and pricelist and use the option to customise services according to their needs. Our recurring/existing clients will also find offers for themselves.

If you fail to find the offer that best suits your individual needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Variants of service Red Navy Blue Gold
Cord blood
Placental blood n/a n/a
Cord tissue - NEW n/a n/a
Payments before childbirth
payed after 2 days
from signing the agreement
Initial fee (IF) Additional fee 680 zł 880 zł 880 zł 930 zł
Allianz Insurance - Basic Package (annual policy) 150 zł
Allianz Insurance - Expanded Package (annual policy) 300 zł
* The sum of the fees before birth
Payments after childbirth
payed after 2 weeks from childbirth
Basic fee (BF) Additional fee 1690 zł 2590 zł 2490 zł 3390 zł
120+ Package 200 zł
Transplant Assistance Package 200 zł
DNA storage 400 zł
Isolation of cord tissue stem cells 2900 zł n/a n/a
* The sum of the fees after birth
1 year payment after
12 months
550 zł 690 zł 690 zł 780 zł
5 years (prepayment) payment up to 75 days
from childbirth
2480 zł 3110 zł 3110 zł 3510 zł
10 years (prepayment) payment up to 75 days
from childbirth
4570 zł 5730 zł 5730 zł 6840 zł
18 years (prepayment) payment up to 75 days
from childbirth
6640 zł 8330 zł 8330 zł 9410 zł