120+ Package

Package 120+ provides additional benefits for big amount of collected blood.

In cases where there is an abundant blood volume (more than 120 ml), it is advisable to consider separating the blood into two units in order to prevent a decrease in stem cell viability. This procedure entails additional costs. Moreover, the decision has to be taken in advance without prior knowledge as to the blood collection volume.

In order to provide our clients with comfort when choosing their storage option, we have developed a special offer – 120+ Package. This package ensures extra benefits in cases of small and abundant cord blood collection.

Clients who purchase the 120+ Package will be provided with the following procedures:

Blood separation into two cassettes free of charge and storage of both cassettes at the cost of one. These procedures will be performed providing the collected blood volume meets at least 120 ml.

This offer is exclusively available to customers who opt for the 120+ Package option on purchase. The total package cost is 200 PLN, which is calculated on top of the basic fee. This package cost is non-refundable.