Package Isolation Plus

Isolation Plus Package- store up to 10 million mesenchymal stem cells

The Isolation Plus Package is particularly recommended to families currently in need of mesenchymal stem cells for treatment as a part of an experimental therapy.

Isolation Plus Package is for parents who have chosen the variant of the Agreement in which the umbilical cord is collected.  This package offers the possibility to increase the number of MSC of about 10 million MSC (+/- 2 million) within 6 weeks from the day of collecting the umbilical cord. Portions that contain at least 8 million MSC are stored for the fee due for the offer Package ‘Isolation Plus’.

PBKM also stores portions that contain less than 8 million cells for a reduced 50% fee on the original Isolation Plus Package price. Portions containing less than 2 million MSC will be stored for free  for the variant with umbilical cord collection and PBKM will refund the parents the fee of the Isolation Plus Package.

The service of this package is realized immediately after the collection of umbilical cord, which means it not possible to buy the package after the Agreement has been validated.