The first prizes were drawn in the promotion of PBKM S.A.

The promotion of PBKM S.A. is still valid, combined with prize draw. A free 3D ultrasonography examination, as well as free umbilical cord blood collection can be won.

During the draw on 16 April 2012, a free 3D ultrasonography examination was won by the following people: Barbara Pietrzak, Monika Początko, Dorota Gajewska, Iwona Jurewicz, Anna Jabłonowska and Marta Angowska. Free umbilical cord blood collectionwas won by Mrs. Hanna Malec. Congratulations on winning!

Applications will be accepted until 27 May 2012. To register for the lottery through Facebook, just fill in the form available on the website – feel free to visit our website!

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