Cord blood saves another life!

In 2011, two stem cell transplantations, from umbilical cord blood stored at PBKM, took place.

The first occurred in September 2011 at the Clinic of Oncology, Haematology and Paediatric Transplantology of Poznań Medical University. It was the 7th stem cell transplantation to take place in Poland and the 9th in Europe. The recipient was a 3 year old patient with hisiocytosis, named Miłosz. The cord blood used in the procedure had been collected one month earlier at his brother Peter’s birth, before being stored at PBKM.

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The second occurred in November 2011 in Wrocław. The recipient was a 7-year-old boy suffering from Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD), the donor was his younger brother. It was the 8th stem cell transplantation in Poland, 10th in Europe, to take place. The stem cells used for transplantation were stored at PBKM.