The Polish Stem Cell Bank opens a public umbilical cord blood bank.

At the initiative of the Polish Stem Cell Bank, a public cord blood banking facility was established. Initially, a free of charge collection and storage will be available as of April 2011 for women who give birth at the Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital in Warsaw.

The initiative to set up a public banking facility by the Polish Stem Cell Bank has arisen in response to public demand. The ultimate objective is to boost cord blood resources as well as expand cord blood use for transplantations in Poland, as is the case in western European countries and the United States. Cord blood collection will be available to women who give birth at Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital in Warsaw. The collected blood will be transferred to the PBKM laboratory where it will be subjected to further testing (for detection of viral contamination). Units which meet the required criteria for quality standards will undergo routine antigen HLA testing. The remaining blood will be donated for scientific research. All information concerning the deposit will be made available in the registry of Transplantation Organization and Coordination Centre POLTRANSPLANT. We have welcomed the cooperation offer from the Polish Cord Blood Bank with regards to the establishment of a public cord blood banking facility with great enthusiasm. A multitude of women, unable to afford cord blood banking in a private facility, expressed their wish to donate the blood to a public bank and help ensure blood supply for those in need. “ As of now, our hospital is proud to offer this opportunity and I hope it will appeal to future parents” – stated Miroslaw Wielgos, Professor of Medical Science, Clinic Director of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic of the Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital.