World Cord Blood Congress

The World Cord Blood Congress took place between 4th and 7th November in Marseille. About 300 specialists from all over the world, who deal with using umbilical cord blood in the treatment of various diseases, took part in the Congress.

The important status of umbilical cord blood in the therapy for haematologic, oncologic and metabolic diseases was particularly emphasized in the lectures and the medical examination results presented during the Congress. The clinical research about the use of umbilical cord blood to treat cerebral palsy which is being performed by Dr J. Kurzberg from the Duke University (United States) aroused particular interest. Nowadays, we know that this procedure is safe and simple. The importance of assuring high quality of umbilical cord blood by blood banks was also stressed, which is possible thanks to accreditations given by special institutions, such as Netcord or AABB.
During the congress, the actual number of performed alotransplants of umbilical cord blood stem cells was presented: more than 21 300 of such transplants have been performed. The leading country in this procedure is the United States, where the largest number of umbilical cord blood units have also been stored in blood banks.