The Polish Stem Cell Bank S.A. (PSCB) – the leader in umbilical cord banking in Poland – is introducing a new service for its customers

CASSETTE PLUS is the first offer in Poland which makes it possible to divide a standard amount of collected umbilical cord blood into two parts. Both are stored in one cassette, but they can be used independently – even at different times and for a different purpose.

The technology used in Poland so far enables the use of a frozen unit of blood only once. In the PSCB we have introduced an innovative technology which allows a unit of blood to be divided into two parts (in the proportion 4:1). Thanks to this technology, one part may be used for transplantation while the other remains frozen. The technology of dividing does not limit the possibility to transplant the whole unit at once because it does not influence the capacity or the properties of stored blood. The division of blood within one cassette is performed in the PSCB Laboratory, which fulfils the highest standards of blood storing.

When using the offer CASSETTE PLUS, in case of transplanting one part of blood the other one will still be frozen ready for use. In the era of constantly developing regenerative medicine it is an invaluable opportunity.

CASSETTE PLUS has been available with PSCB since May 2010 as a combination to the standard offer. When selected, only the storage fee is adjusted and the initial and basic payments remain the same.

Moreover, the PSCB makes it possible for its customers to store blood in two cassettes but due to medical reasons this is only recommended if the capacity of collected blood exceeds 90 ml. Storing in two cassettes is connected with an increased basic payment and much higher payment rate for storing than in case of the standard offer combined with the CASSETTE PLUS offer.

Download the files here.