FamiCord – an international brand of family umbilical cord blood banking from of umbilical cord blood of the PSCB is continuing its foreign expansion.

The Polish Stem Cell Bank (PSCB) is the biggest stem cell bank in Poland and for a few years, it has been developing its activity through banks concentrated in its capital group under the brand FamiCord.

In June, we signed contracts with our partners in Moldova, Macedonia and Estonia through our dependent companies.

Currently, FamiCord provides family stem cell banking services in 16 countries in Europe, 11 of which are in the European Union. It has 3 laboratories (the next one will soon be open in Spain) and it is ranked fourth in Europe when comparing the number of stored umbilical cord blood units.

FamiCord is another determinant proving that the PSCB is a responsible and reliable company to which you can safely entrust the storage of your child’s umbilical cord blood.

More about FamiCord here.