PSCB in EBMT Meeting

In 2009, an annual congress of European Group for Blood and Marrow [EBMT] took place in Goeteborg, Sweden. EBMT is a leading scientific non-profit association which represents 527 centres from and outside Europe which deal with stem cell transplants or other types of cell therapy. The congress also included the XXV meeting of Nurse Group, VII meeting of the Data Managing Group and the III Patient Day.

More than 3700 doctors (mainly from Europe, the USA and Japan) and over 500 nurses and people of other specialities connected with stem cell transplants attended the congress. Dr Dariusz Boruczkowski, a PSCB employee, took part in the congress. Dr Boruczkowski is a specialist in children’s diseases and clinical transplantology and has gained 20 years of experience in Poland in transplanting haematopoietic cells to children, including umbilical cord blood transplants.

Discussions took place for 5 days – from 28th March until 1st April.
XXXV EBMT Congress concentrated on four aspects of stem cell transplants:
- systematically increasing the number of haematopoietic stem cell transplants (about 54 000 in the world only in the year 2008)
- increasing the number and new techniques of transplanting umbilical cord stem cells;
- new and broader possibilities of using stem cells in regenerative medicine;
- the leading role of the EBMT in the world in the area of stem cell transplants and other cell therapies.