AABB accreditation for PBKM

We have been given a prestigious accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

In June 2009, we confirmed the quality of our services again, which was proven by the AABB recertification and by the obtainment of the accreditation for the next two years. We were thoroughly inspected again by highly qualified auditors from the American Association of Blood Banks.
The inspection did not reveal any discrepancies and it confirmed the high level of services of the PSCB.
Obtaining the accreditation signifies a cooperation of the Polish bank with similar institutions all over the world. It covers a special programme of professional development and improvement in the quality of services, monitoring, validation of operational processes. In particular, it covers medical and laboratory processes connected with umbilical cord blood collection, qualification of a preparation, freezing and storing of preparation of umbilical cord blood as well as processes before and after a transplantation.
The preparation process for the first inspection, which was carried out in June 2007, took almost two years.
AABB has been running the programme of accreditation since 1958. At the moment, this programme includes activities of blood banks and other blood centres, as well as institutions which deal with cell therapy and reference immunohaematological laboratories. The aim of the program is to determine if the methods, procedures, equipment and knowledge of the staff of a given institution comply with the standards established by the AABB. Performing activities according to these standards guarantees the fulfilment of the highest quality standards which are in force not only in the United States but all over the world. The AABB accreditation also indicates the appreciation of PSCB activities and it allows the bank to develop and continually increase the level of the service. Organisations which have been given the AABB accreditation are considered to be outstanding in a given field of activity.
The AABB is an international non-profit membership organization, whose main aim is to develop transfusiology (transfusion medicine) and similar methods of treatment. The AABB sets standards, gives accreditations, publishes books, manuals, magazines and conducts trainings in order to improve the safety of the patients and donors. Members of the AABB are blood banks, blood centres, institutions dealing with cell therapy and diagnostic laboratories as well as employees of these institutions in 50 states and 80 countries. The AABB provides services for more than 1800 institutions and unites 8000 of their workers: doctors, scientists, medical technicians, nurses, administrators and others.