Stem cells turn out to be an elixir for the heart – they even cure even severe damage.

No one knows why, but more and more patients are regaining their health. For some years, doctors have been strengthening degenerating hearts with stem cells (cells that can transform into various kinds of cells). These are collected directly from the patient’s body.

Such experiments were conducted by cardiologists in Europe (including in Poland), both Americas and Japan.
Their reports about their patients’ recovery seem like the biblical tale of Lazarus.
Some patients, who were previously bound to constant hospitalization, returned to normal life. Doctors believe that in a few years’ time, people that cannot be aided right now would be able to be treated this way. By now, no one can explain the mechanism of this therapy. One’s for sure – the results are remarkable.

Heart treatment using stem cells has been introduced very quickly. Usually physicians decide to implement such radical therapies after years of trials in animals in order to check if the method is safe and successful. Surgeons and cardiologists who transplant stem cells now, had no idea five years ago that they could regenerate cardiac tissue.

Heart repair is a real challenge, especially after a stroke, when a lack of oxygen causes cells to die and scars appear. In effect, the remaining parts of cardiac muscle are aggravated with useless tissue.They have to work harder in order to pump an equal amount of blood, this causes the heart to enlarge and it seldom regains previous effectiveness.