Hope in bone marrow - a chance for infertile women

Bone marrow derived stem cells can be used to create egg cells - scientist state in "Cell". It is a chance for infertile women and women after menopause that want to have children.

“We might be starting a new era in woman infertility and menopause treatment” - said Jonathan Lilly, head of Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital.
“This may lead to new treatment methods based not on pharmacology, but on stem cells and regeneration”.

His team conducted experiments on mice. The purpose was explaining the phenomenon of ovary regeneration in chemotherapy sterilized mice. It appeared that mouse ovaries regenerate thanks to marrow stem cells. Infertile animals were able to produce ovum after an injection of marrow stem cells. After two months, scientists were not able to distinguish the normal mice from sterilized ones.

Tillie's team found similar cells in human bone marrow. Researchers state that this could be the explanation of pregnancy cases of women going through menopause. “Marrow stem cells can also be a source of egg cells for cloning experiments” - says Lilly. Above all, it gives a chance for women whose ovaries were damaged due to chemo and radiotherapy and even those with surgically removed ovaries to fall pregnant.