FamiCord Group signs an agreement with CordSavings

FAMICORD, one of the top three leading cord blood banks in Europe and CORDSAVINGS, a biobanking operator entirely dedicated to neonatal stem cells, announce that they have concluded a long-term cooperation agreement with the aim of enabling clients of the FAMICORD international network to benefit from a processing and cryopreservation platform of cord blood in Switzerland, at the heart of Europe, which meets the highest standards and safety levels.

Equipped with all the necessary facilities and teams, the CORDSAVINGS laboratory is ideally located within the BioArk, the dedicated life sciences site of the prestigious Swiss foundation The Ark, and acts along with the most rigorous conditions also in terms of respect for bioethics regulations.

This collaboration will provide FAMICORD clients with full guarantee that their stem cell samples extracted from cord blood will be processed according to the highest Swiss biological and health standards with optimum operational continuity and stability.

The very high quality of Swiss allogeneic transplants, rich in useful transplant cells, should be particularly emphasised.

Didier Nouziès, CEO of CORDSAVINGS stated:

“We are very pleased with this absolutely unique partnership in this field. We know the main actors in cord blood cell banking across the world very well and FAMICORD stands out for the very professional services it provides for its family clientele.

In addition, we have paid particular attention to its work with the Polish public health authorities (FAMICORD is the official operator for running the national Polish public cord blood bank): this is key in our eyes and represents the guarantee of an approach that conforms to CORDSAVINGS' ethical principles.”

“This collaboration is a major step in bringing the different worlds of "family" and "collective" closer together, between full respect for individual freedom and upholding the general public interest in terms of cord blood.”

“CORDSAVINGS and FAMICORD have jointly defined a collaboration strategy with the goal of building a lasting partnership strongly driven by the essential: quality and professional medico-technical services.”

“Our cooperation combines the strengths and expertise of these two particularly creative actors in order to construct a high-quality family neonatal stem cell banking solution henceforth accessible to all. We are convinced that this agreement will lead to major and decisive advantages for families seeking above all security and stability for their future baby's stem cells.”

“CORDSAVINGS' main objective, to increase the diversity of cord blood units in the current public registers over time thanks to a cross-border savings and collection methodology, will be strengthened by this cooperation with Europe's best in the world of family cord blood storage.”

Jakub Baran, CEO of FAMICORD stated:

“We are extremely enthusiastic about the idea of collaborating with CORDSAVINGS. We were attracted by both the very high medico-technical standards practised by the Swiss CORDSAVINGS laboratory team and by their absolutely unprecedented methodology for bringing the general interest and individual freedom closer together. A stepping stone between family storage and public donation was essential to build, CORDSAVINGS offers a simple yet elegant solution.”

“The partnership programme between FAMICORD and CORDSAVINGS is firmly in keeping with durability and stability. Through our joint action, we aim to offer European clients a quality guarantee that is truly unique in its field and which marks a milestone in the profession.”

“We were actively seeking the best laboratory teams in Switzerland for our moms and, following in-depth evaluations and considerations of alternatives, CORDSAVINGS came out on top and became the obvious choice. But far beyond that, we were particularly impressed by their very advanced combination of expertise made to serve their clear and innovative vision of our beautiful craft.”

“We believe joint cooperation might allow to match best Swiss practices with 10-years’ experience gathered from our 6 processing laboratories in Europe. From a logistical point of view, the CORDSAVINGS laboratory is ideally located especially for our Italian clients.”

“FAMICORD, fully supported in this by its majority shareholder (an investment fund belonging to Enterprise Investors "EI" the leading asset manager in Central and Eastern Europe with combined capital of €2 billion), is interested to strengthen and extend its collaboration with CORDSAVINGS for the future, not excluding also joint venture or capital involvement.”

FAMICORD has chosen to draw on the medico-technical expertise of the Swiss laboratory of the community-based biobank operator CORDSAVINGS to build its new top-of-the-range pan-European family cord blood storage solution.