What type of blood tests does PBKM perform?

PBKM S.A. performs tests on both maternal blood (a sample, approx. 9 ml, is collected at delivery) and the child’s umbilical cord blood. The maternal blood is tested for viral and bacterial infections. Naturally, these tests could be performed on the sample of the collected cord blood but this would be a waste of 9 ml of cord blood. Maternal blood test results provide sufficiently veritable information. Cord blood is tested for the following factors:

* white blood cell count, * cell viability assessment, * microbiological testing for the presence of aerobic, anaerobic and fungi bacteria.

Maternal blood is tested for the following components (9 ml): * HBs Ag, * Anti-HBc * Anti-HCV, * Anti-HIV 1,2, * Anti-CMV IgM, * syphilis.