What are the differences and similarities between public and family blood banking services?


Public bank

Family bank

Intended Use of Blood

unrelated donor transplantation

autologous transplantation or related donor transplantation i.e. sibling or family member

Blood ownership



Blood collection




nitrogen vapours/liquid nitrogen

nitrogen vapours/liquid nitrogen

Service charges

State (Ministry of Health)

parents/adult children

Blood use cost charged by clinic where the procedure was performed

several thousand PLN

no additional charges

Use of cord blood  in Poland

approximately 10 transplantations

4 transplantations (all through PBKM)

Genetic compatibility

Human Leukocyte Antigen Test (HLA) mandatory upon blood collection

100% compatibility for the donor, HLA testing obligatory for siblings prior to transplantation, full compatibility – 25%.

Likelihood* of using the blood by the child who donated it

blood is not intended for bank use


Likelihood* of using blood for siblings of a child who donated the blood

does not apply


Likelihood* of using blood for an unrelated match

according to various sources - 1/100 to 1/500

does not apply

* The likelihood of using cord blood is estimated on the basis of the average life duration of 70 years.