Key values

A key value of Polish Stem Cell Bank is to respect the rights of future parents making an informed decision regarding the possibility of obtaining the delivery and storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, placenta and umbilical cord. It is an approach common with the European Parliament resolution of 11.09.2012 in the matter of voluntary donation of tissues and cells.

PBKM key values are:

  • Compliance with medical guidelines – set forth and monitored by the Scientific Board
  • World class quality standards for banking – as proved by our AABB Accreditation
  • Clinical and scientific collaboration in the field of cord blood use – such as with Transplantology Clinics in Poland and abroad and the Polish Academy of Science. Our transplantations
  • Focusing exclusively on cord blood banking – family and public in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.
  • Guarantee satisfaction to our clients at every stage of the service provided – from signing the agreement through blood collection and storage until cell use – our experts are at your disposal at all times.